Falling writer

A Michiko Kakutani, del New York Times, non è che “Falling Man” sia piaciuto molto. Anche se è il nuovo romanzo di Don DeLillo. Anche se parla dell11 settembre. Anche se l’Espresso l’aveva letto in anteprima.

Instead of capturing the impact of 911 on the country or New York or a spectrum of survivors or even a couple of interesting individuals, instead of illuminating the zeitgeist in which 911 occurred or the shell-shocked world it left in its wake, Mr. DeLillo leaves us with two paltry images: one of a performance artist re-enacting the fall of bodies from the burning World Trade Center, and one of a self-absorbed man, who came through the fire and ash of that day and decided to spend his foreseeable future playing stupid card games in the Nevada desert.

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