In the last few years we’ve been seduced by the wonderful world of social media and social networks. They work beautifully. Unfortunately that means we’ve progressively lost control over our content and locked many of the web content into the social media walled gardens, accepting that our data may be used, bought and sold.

It’s a matter of privacy and a matter of freedom.

I believe, like the founding fathers of the World Wide Web, in a different kind of Internet. I believe in a Open Web, respectful of people. Here is the place where I collect links and posts about this.

Feel free to write me and suggest other stuff.

★ House Manifesto (sort of)

The struggle for the open web by Piero Macchioni

What if, one day, you discover that your fulfilling social media life was completely wrong? What if your castle of self gratification and instant connections, friends and followers, mobile power and desktop automation would fall apart?

☆ Essentials

An Introduction to the IndieWeb by Chris Aldrich

Facebook is eating the world by Emily Bell

Get your loved ones off Facebook by Salim Virani

Fix the internet by writing good stuff and being nice to people by Vicki Boykis

Hard Questions by Elliot Schrage @Facebook

Facebook is broken by Jon Evans

The Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal by Vox.com

#deletefacebook by John Biggs

Dear Facebook user 752461218193242 by Vicki Boykis

Don’t Fix Facebook. Replace It. by Tim Wu

Should You Delete Your Facebook Page? by Mark E. Jeftovic

The Facebook Current by Ben Thompson

Contract for the web by World Wide Web Fundation.

(more to come)